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Confidence is a core requirement for success in every part of life.


Self accomplishment requires discipline. resolve and practice.



Chris is a wealth of knowledge and will encourage you to prioritize your health.

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    Nothing compares to training with a renowned professional martial artist.

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    New Gym - 2021!

    With the New Gym opening in the Summer of 2021 we will have more group classes and fitness programs.

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    The best stories are those that really happened.

    By Mike Bohn | February 5, 2021 Chris Leben says his combat sports career is over following a win over Quentin Henry at Bare Knuckle FC “KnuckleMania”…

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    Leben had already been out of action for nearly two years when he decided to come back for one last fight while teaming up with BKFC after two previous appearances for the promotion.

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      Your Experience
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      Your Location
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